WHAT IS GONZO! ?    JUNE 11TH 2022

   GONZO! is a spirit. In terms of food, we are not Convoy or L.A. and aesthetically, we are not cookie cutter fashion designed. GONZO! is an all-inclusive staple squeezed and surrounded by corporate rubbish and superficial hipsterism. Ideas that inspire us comes from what we know to be real. GONZO! digs 1996 Shinjuku Tokyo...Hunter S. Thompson...maximum volume...concrete local culture identity...

GONZO! is our never ending creative effort and pursuit of happiness.


   Who opens a new restaurant right before a national emergency?  Without any foresight for this one of a kind mishap, we unsuspectingly opened our doors to an unusual modern day paradox!  We had just completed construction, cleared city permits, health permits, hired staff, and have been paying our lease for the last six months securing our location without any income from the restaurant with bills quickly piling up.  We opened our restaurant one week prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic… Well I guess it’s time to roll up our sleeves.

Like many small businesses, we have been devastated.  On the 2nd week of opening the restaurant, we made a decision to notify most of employees a temporary leave of absence till further notice.  Now Mika (Mother) and her three sons have been the only staff members during these trying times.  The silver lining in this is we have come together for the sole purpose of keeping GONZO! Ramen open to the public.  "Take out only ordering" is difficult as a new business.  However, people see our effort and are ordering and supporting us. Jamison (Father) is trying hard to find Small Business Relief/Loans.  He is currently stationed on the East Coast finishing up his 20 year + tenure in the U.S. Navy.  He is a medical provider onboard a Naval Ship so you can imagine the stress level during the crisis on and off board owning a new business 3,500 miles away.


Here is the kicker, if you have just opened a business, it very difficult to qualify for Small Business Relief.  We are unable to display proof of loss in income, so it truly feels like we are on our own. We count on the orders coming in every single day to persevere.  Our intent is not for anyone to feel sorry for us but to state our appreciation publicly for customers supporting us and other small local businesses during the national emergency.  We pledge to remain open everyday to serve the community!  

Let’s get through this crisis together, we hope to see you all in the near future for dine-in!

DAY ONE!     MARCH 4TH 2020

  GONZO! was founded by Mika and Jamison Murphy with the dream of bringing upbeat, welcoming Japanese atmosphere and authentic flavors of Japanese comfort food to Carlsbad, CA.  Their three sons grew up in Okinawa, Japan and the Murphy family has lived in Carlsbad and Oceanside for 12 years afterwards.  It is their pleasure to introduce Japanese soul food and hospitality to Carlsbad and the city’s visitors.


In the summer of 2018,  Jamison received a three year order to the USS GUNSTON HALL, stationed in Virginia. After much thought and consideration, Mika and Jamison decided to sell their home in Carlsbad so they could pursue their dream of owning and operating their own ramen restaurant. Mika with the help of her three sons and husband, started their ramen project.  It was not an easy journey, however, Mika and Jamison understand that some of the most rewarding things in life are the most challenging.  With a great team of contractors and a strong support system of the Village Faire Shopping Center… the Murphy Family’s dream became a reality. 


We offer authentic Japanese ramen dishes with Japanese beer, sake and soju cocktails. Mika wanted to bring her hometown Niigata-Ramen to Carlsbad.  She received support from Ramen Chef, Kenichi Ota from L.A. .  This collaboration between Kenichi Ota and Mika have created a fresh style of ramen that combines traditional Japanese flavor with a fresh and modern touch.


The process of broth-making can take exceedingly long.  We take pride in serving quality food for our community.  Thank you for your continued support!

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