Our Ramen Philosophy

 Our total focus is to bring happiness and good times with great food, music, and hospitality. Every bowl of ramen is made up of five components: broth, noodles, tare, aroma oil, and toppings. Here's a little glimpse of what goes into our bowl.


SOUP (スープ)

Our tonkotsu broth is a marriage of broth made from pork and chicken bone blended with dashi made of kombu seaweed and shiitake mushrooms to bolster the natural umami. The stock is boiled furiously for 8 hours to emulsify fat into the soup, giving the creamy texture, opaque color, and velvety mouthfeel. We finish the broth with charred aromatics which adds complexity to the broth. We constantly monitor the soup to get the right final viscosity.

Our umami-rich vegan ramen broth is made with vegetable broth infused with various aromatics and dried shiitake mushrooms.

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SAUCE (タレ)

Tare is Japanese for "sauce," the seasoning element in a bowl of ramen, and responsible for the salt, much of the umami, and acidity associated with ramen. Changing the tare enables our kitchen to produce multiple flavors with the same soup base. Rather than keeping three separate pots of broth simmering, we maintain one broth and add one of three tares to each bowl. In other words, tare modularizes ramen. Our miso tare, for example, is made from many different ingredients and add a precisely measured portion of the tare which ensures each bowl is served with the perfect salinity.

Secret Ramen Tare Recipe Gonzo Ramen_edited.jpg
Black Oil Ramen San Diego_edited.jpg
Black Oil Ramen San Diego_edited.jpg


The vast majority of modern ramen includes some form of additional fat added to the top of the bowl that helps to complete the soup. We create our garlic oil by combining various fat components in a wok and cooking garlic and ginger. This oil brings an aromatic balance to the broth flavor, balancing richness and salinity. The majestic tiny droplets of oil reflect light and dance the surface of the soup as you dip your spoon in for that first sip; yup, that's the good stuff.

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Ramen noodles may seem simple at first, but it is a topic and philosophy more complex than the soup itself. From straight, thin and narrow, thick and wavy, or wide and flat, some claim that there are more noodles in Japan than pasta shapes in Italy, but that still needs to be confirmed. The noodles chew and bounce, their ability to cling to the broth, and their mouthfeel—searching for a noodle that provides harmony with the soup in the bowl can be a lifelong mission in itself. 

Our Tonkotsu Ramen is served with ultra-thin, straight, firm noodles that feature an al dente texture that pairs well with the rich, milky, and layered taste of the bone broth. Robust, thicker wavy noodles are paired with Gonzo Red, Gonzo Black, and Miso ramen because they best capture the nuttiness and other complexity of the broth. 

For Gonzo Green (vegan ramen), we offer noodles made with spinach and wheat. The noodle maintains a similar texture and flavor to the egg noodle, a perfect alternative that can be enjoyed by vegetarians/vegans.

San Diego Ramen - Gonzo Ramen's Noodle_edited.jpg


Ramen is also well-known for its colorful ramen toppings. Each bowl of Gonzo Ramen comes with a garnish that complements the soup and the noodle. And no matter what kind of soup you decide, we offer you instant upgrade options to fit your hunger level and personality.


Our chashu (pork belly) topping is slow-braised for up to 2 hours in soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar until it's exceptionally tender. Our hanjuku-tamago (soft-boiled eggs) are cooked for precisely 7 minutes and 35 seconds and then marinated overnight!

Our vegan ramen comes with soy based ground "meat".